Major real estate corp moves to Réunion ccTLD

Realogy, an American real estate services company founded in 2006 owns and franchises several real estate brands and brokerages. Operating from the matching domain,, it offers relocation, lead generation, title, and settlement services. So far so good. The company announced its domain rebranding that departs from the Realogy brand and moves onto becoming Anywhere. […]

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Michael D’Elena runs one of Arizona’s leading real estate teams, with over $200 million dollars in real estate sold and 400+ transactions under his belt. The power realtor acquired the domain from Telepathy, Inc. in July 2021 for an undisclosed amount. They are now applying for the registration of the matching mark, HOUSED.COM, with […]

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“Domain Companies” is now a registered trademark

Domainers, take notice: using the term “domain companies” from now on might be infringing on a newly registered trademark. As we wrote about in April, the mark DOMAIN COMPANIES was applied for registration at the USPTO. The registration is complete, and as of July DOMAIN COMPANIES is a registered trademark for the following services: Real […]

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Rick Schwartz is having a blast of a Monday, as his domain property is rocking. Unlike the US stock market that tanked today, the Domain King announced that is now under contract. It took 7 months of negotiations for Rick to reach an agreement that’d generate $36 million dollars in value. The number represents […]

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Rick Schwartz is very familiar with the power of no; the Domain King has been saying “no” to a company interested in his domain name, The same party has been trying to acquire the domain from Rick, whose response to ever-increasing offers stands now at $250,000 dollars. The company is used to hearing Rick’s […]

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Real estate and #domains : Get your “not for sale” sign up pronto!

The world of real estate is up in arms, after ICANN declared an expansion of its global control. In a press release aimed at realtors, real estate agents, property managers and property appraisers, ICANN notified everyone about the new rules of “property use” – beyond domain names: “We’re expanding the requirements of domain ownership regulations […]

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False alarm : Two letter #domain did not end up in #China after all

Last week there was speculation that, a premium LL .com domain name owned by Media Options, was sold. Canadian domain investor, George Kirikos, who monitors two letter (LL) .com domains closely, noticed that became unlocked; that, might indicate a sale had taken place. We can now confirm that the domain did not change […]

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Dot .NYC domain madness raises value of Manhattan condos

The newly launched dot .NYC domain has created violent episodes in the Big Apple, along with a rise in residency demands. Real estate brokers, such as Bapple in the prestigious SoHo area in Manhattan, cannot sell apartments, studios and condos fast enough. “It’s crazy, we’re seen more apartments and condos being sold in a week […]

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Real estate gTLDs: Putting chaos in order

If you thought that the co-existence of .photography, .photo and .photos is confusing, wait till you hear this one. There are 21 gTLDs directly linked to land, homes, real estate and affiliate industries, such as mortgage!   While the big one, dot .Realtor, is aimed directly at licensed real estate professionals, the rest will offer […]

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