False alarm : Two letter #domain did not end up in #China after all

Drew Rosener – Media Options & Internet Real Estate.

Last week there was speculation that, a premium LL .com domain name owned by Media Options, was sold.

Canadian domain investor, George Kirikos, who monitors two letter (LL) .com domains closely, noticed that became unlocked; that, might indicate a sale had taken place.

We can now confirm that the domain did not change hands. It merely moved from Network Solutions to Uniregistry, and it’s still under the control of Media Options, and their Gibraltar-based Internet Real Estate outfit.

There are more than 3,000 domains under management at – although there’s not much of interest at that URL!

Regardless, we’re certain that the premium, two letter domain will be sold at some point, as even in the currently distressed domain market, two letter .com domains maintain most of their inherent valuation.

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