Was the two letter #domain IX .com just sold?

LL .com domains are popular in China.

Canadian domain investor and sleuth, George Kirikos, is keeping an eye on a niche of ultra-valuable domains: two letter (LL) .coms.

Sometimes, it takes as little of a change as the domain’s status becoming “unlocked,” to indicate an ongoing sale.

In the case of IX.com, a premium domain owned by Media Options, Kirikos noticed just that.

IX.com is a two letter domain registered in 1994, that also stands for the number 9 in Latin. Due to this duality, it’s highly likely that the domain was sold, and it’s on its way out to a new registrant and registrar.

George Kirikos has posted a poll, playfully asking whether the domain is moving to China, the US, or somewhere else.

The letter “X” has been very popular with start-ups in the cryptocurrency business, as it’s a common abbreviation for “eXchange.”

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