Two letter domains : sold to the Chinese

Another day, another premium two letter .com domain headed to China. moved away from Hecker Law and into the hands of one of China’s biggest investors of such domains, Domain investor, George Kirikos, noticed the change and remarked about the latest stats involving LL .com domains: “By my count, Chinese registrants own 166 […]

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Chinese domain market report : changed hands again

The Chinese domain market is about to replicate its glory days of 2015; last December is when LLLL .com domains peaked. China’s domain investors might not be using the same type of rationale behind their acquisitions, but their cash is as good as anyone else’s. With that in mind, we are witnessing an uptick in […]

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Chinese domain market report : LL .com sold, plus the usual crap from China

China‘s manufacturing capabilities are insane; the world’s 2nd largest economy creates almost everything that American consumers buy for Christmas. They also make every god damn firework Americans use for July 4th. With the anticipated launch of the Apple iPhone 7 on September 7th, one thing is certain: China’s economy will continue to grow exponentially. Domain […]

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It’s been a while since we reported a two letter (LL) .com domain sale, and what a great way to start the week. The domain has been reported as sold, after changing hands from its previous owners, Tamarack Computers Ltd. The 20 year old domain‘s apparent sale, increased the number of Chinese registrants owning […]

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Domainer poll : Was the domain sold for too little?

The news surrounding the sale of the ultra-premium, two letter .com domain,, is rather shocking. George Kirikos researched the acquisition’s background, and deep into the details located the domain’s selling price: $1.2 million dollars. Two letter .com domains are the creme de la creme of digital assets, and they can range in price from […]

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Domain investor, George Kirikos, unveiled the amount paid for the acquisition of Digging through the filings of a Form 10-Q at the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Kirikos noted that Tribune Publishing paid $1.2 million dollars to acquire the domain. That’s a great deal in comparison to other LL .com domain sales, given the […]

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Two letter .com sale : in the hands of Chinese domain investors

Another day, another ultra-short LL .com domain of two letters changes hands: is now owned by Chinese domain owners. According to a research performed by Canadian domain investor and analyst, George Kirikos, the domain marks another acquisition by the ever-hungry Chinese investors. The updated domain count provided George Kirikos, Chinese registrants now own […]

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Curriculum Vitae? domain sold to Chinese buyers

Another day, another million, for a segment of the domain market that really understands the value of its assets. Two letter .com domains have been the creme de la creme of domain names. Not only they are short, they are also .com! Canadian domain investor, George Kirikos, keeps track of this elite market; his domain […]

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Chinese domain sales : Numbers, numbers, numbers FTW!

Rick Schwartz’s mega-sale of the domain,, shows the importance of numeric .com domains in today’s expanded market. Apparently, the Domain King received more than a quarter of a million dollars for this domain. Rick’s portfolio of numeric domains is quite impressive, and he should be getting the attention of Chinese domain investors non-stop. But […]

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Chinese domain sales : Will LL .com sales save the domain economy?

China’s current financial crisis is evident; Shanghai composite lost 6.4% today, which translates to a staggering $260 billion dollars in a single day. Are you ready for the Year of the Monkey business yet? If that humongous loss at the Chinese stock market doesn’t translate well, a picture will help visualize the exact drop per […]

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Sedo : 20 two letter .com domains currently for sale!

Two letter (LL) .com domains have a special place among all short domain categories. Because all single letter .com domains were not – officially – allocated, LL .com domains became the Golden Chalice of domain investing. And why wouldn’t they be? With only 676 available combinations of letters, two letter .com domains have skyrocketed in […]

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Chinese corporate domains : moves to China

Two letter .com domains form a special category of premium, short domains, aimed at corporate use primarily. Not to be confused with the overflowing gamut of other domains lately presented as “market opportunities“, these beauties come with a seven figure price tag. Sure enough, another two letter .com sale was just revealed; domain investor, George […]

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