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Curriculum Vitae? CV.com domain sold to Chinese buyers

Another day, another million, for a segment of the domain market that really understands the value of its assets.

Two letter .com domains have been the creme de la creme of domain names. Not only they are short, they are also .com!

Canadian domain investor, George Kirikos, keeps track of this elite market; his domain spreadsheet identifies the locale of the LL .com owners, and often breaks the news about such new transactions.

The latest finding by Kirikos is that of CV.com, a great acronym that often stands for “Curriculum Vitae” – or in vulgar English, “resume.”

The domain appears to have been registered in 1995, by Computervision Corporation. It was acquired in 2003 by French company RHTech.

Kirikos points out that domain name registrants from China now own 140 of the 676 elite 2-letter .com domain names, or 20.7% of the total.

We can only speculate on the price tag of CV.com, and before anyone yaps that there is a “non-premium” letter “V” in there, we’ll say: get a grip, will ya? 😀

It’s a 2 letter .com domain FFS!

CV.com has been sold to a Chinese buyer.

CV.com has been sold to a Chinese buyer.

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One Response to “Curriculum Vitae? CV.com domain sold to Chinese buyers”
  1. Jamie Zoch says:

    A number that would also be interesting, is the amount of 2 letter .com’s that are domainer owned. It’s likely a higher number than 2L .com’s that are in use by companies or individuals.

    P.S. some dude name @yofie on Twitter noticed CV on the move yesterday 🙂

    I also sent an email to the sellers to see if they could share the sales price. Not sure if I will hear back or not, but I have asked.

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