Dot .NYC domain madness raises value of Manhattan condos

The newly launched dot .NYC domain has created violent episodes in the Big Apple, along with a rise in residency demands.

Real estate brokers, such as Bapple in the prestigious SoHo area in Manhattan, cannot sell apartments, studios and condos fast enough.

“It’s crazy, we’re seen more apartments and condos being sold in a week than in the past 90 days combined, people want to live in NYC for an extra reason, the dot .NYC residency requirement” said Nick Spanos of Bapple, Inc.

“In the past, foreigners from Scandinavia would just pop in, say “boinka boinka” and buy property with euro paid in cash, but Americans are a little more conservative and still use mortgage loans,” added Spanos, who has expanded into the lucrative Bitcoin territory as well.

Due to Registry restrictions, one cannot register dot .NYC domain names unless they provide proof of residency in the Five Boroughs.

Domain investors willing to circumvent the law and attempting to cybersquat on .NYC domains will be prosecuted.

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