The Domain King and “i”

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, has been busy preparing the transition of his premium property domain, Rick’s expecting a windfall of $36 million dollars at a minimum for, which totally makes sense. After all, outside of domain names, the market for real estate property is on a trajectory to the moon. Rick’s also […]

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Rick Schwartz is having a blast of a Monday, as his domain property is rocking. Unlike the US stock market that tanked today, the Domain King announced that is now under contract. It took 7 months of negotiations for Rick to reach an agreement that’d generate $36 million dollars in value. The number represents […]

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Rick Schwartz is very familiar with the power of no; the Domain King has been saying “no” to a company interested in his domain name, The same party has been trying to acquire the domain from Rick, whose response to ever-increasing offers stands now at $250,000 dollars. The company is used to hearing Rick’s […]

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How much did Rick Schwartz sell the #domain name for?

Rick Schwartz announced the sale of the ultra-premium domain,, a domain he tested with Trulia in the past. The sale involved 10% “for life” and until the domain is paid off, the Domain King will be holding the “papers,” the title to the domain. This remarkable domain name is a seven, possibly eight figure […]

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Did Zillow choose over

Back in December of 2016 we noticed that Rick Schwartz’s domain,, was redirecting to The latter, is a sister company of Zillow, a multi-billion dollar corporation, with diversified investments in the real estate market. Sometime in January, was re-pointed to, where currently the domain is marked with a “Deal Pending” indication […]

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Late last year we speculated that the Domain King®, Rick Schwartz, had sold the domain The main reason for this was that was pointed to, a sister company of The latter operates on a budget of several billion dollars, and naturally, a domain such as would be a great asset […]

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Rick Schwartz takes back control of – was the domain sold? is a domain that Rick Schwartz, the Domain King, has owned for more than a decade. After acquiring the domain for $750,000 dollars on August 1, 2005 (source: NameBio) Rick Schwartz parked for several years. Eventually, through his “joint ventures” approach, the domain was leased to the owners of, a Florida corporation […]

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Countdown to the millions: Rick Schwartz announces sale of and

It’s insane but none has picked up on this story, except for sharp-eyed Guy who runs Guy noticed a tweet by Rick Schwartz sent out on July 1st, that states: and agreement to sell at $4MM Cash plus Equity Stake in New Company. Set to close within 60 days. You can read […]

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