How much did Rick Schwartz sell the #domain name for?

Rick Schwartz announced the sale of the ultra-premium domain,, a domain he tested with Trulia in the past.

The sale involved 10% “for life” and until the domain is paid off, the Domain King will be holding the “papers,” the title to the domain.

This remarkable domain name is a seven, possibly eight figure deal, and Rick Schwartz must be ecstatic; he recently shared a selfie from a water trip.

How much did Rick Schwartz sell the domain for?

Rick Schwartz, presumably on his new boat.

We can only speculate, and it’s time to take the domain industry’s pulse with a poll. 😀 : How much did Rick Schwartz sell it for?

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Congratulations, Rick!

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2 Responses to “How much did Rick Schwartz sell the #domain name for?”
  1. Congrats to Rick and buyer.
    Nice boat too! (jealous)

    Scroll down to “Latest Opportunities” on ricks site.
    If I’m reading it correctly (the 3rd row on that table) shows he valued the domain at 3.85M.

  2. Vivian says:

    Cool!Congrats to Rick and buyer!
    And i will vote for More than $10 million dollars!
    Good domain names are not cheap,looking forwards to the answer.

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