The Domain King and “i”


The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, has been busy preparing the transition of his premium property domain,

Rick’s expecting a windfall of $36 million dollars at a minimum for, which totally makes sense. After all, outside of domain names, the market for real estate property is on a trajectory to the moon.

Rick’s also getting ready to roll out his Stud Brokerage, operating from We also found out that wisely, Rick’s registered the matching domain!

On top of this, another related domain,, will probably be used as a “Stud Convention” reference. 😀

But that’s not all, the Domain King has been chasing a typo of his primary brand domain,

The typo domain was registered last year by someone other than Rick and upon dropping, the real Domain King picked it up. That missing “i” is a common typo and while the domain doesn’t resolve currently, Rick should be pointing it to pretty soon.

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