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Niantic & Pokemon Go : Telepathy, Inc. holds a huge .com asset in its domain portfolio

The huge, international success of the Augmented Reality game, Pokemon Go, has turned Niantic, Inc. into a household name. The San Francisco company produced the game and licensed it to Nintendo. Today’s news is huge: Niantic – not Nintendo – owns the rights to the game, and Nintendo’s stock dropped more than 17%, as it’s […]

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Pokemon domains : UDRP arrived 14 years later

If you haven’t heard of the latest Pokemon GO mania taking over the Internet and people’s lives, you don’t own a smart phone. Nintendo‘s brilliant idea to re-launch its Pokemon franchise as an Augmented Reality (AR) game, has sent its stock skyrocketing. Meanwhile, opportunists wanting to capitalize on the Pokemon fame and brand, aren’t wasting […]

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Pokémon GO : SnapNames launches new Augmented Reality drop-catching service

Tapping into the lucrative Augmented Reality market, SnapNames is expanding its drop-catching services to the gaming industry. The Web.com company announced the launch of SnapKemon ™, an AR app designed to integrate with the popular Pokémon GO. “Many employees at Web.com are now taking extended lunch breaks, and while we’re a progressive company, wanted to […]

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