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Pokemon domains : Shortest and longest trademark violations

There is no bigger indication of a game’s success, than the number of registered domains violating its trademark. Pokemon Go has been smashing every known record as far as downloads and usage are concerned. The average Joe Gamer is often unaware of such “minute” details as trademarks, and Pokemon is one such registered mark. Using […]

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Pokemon domains : UDRP arrived 14 years later

If you haven’t heard of the latest Pokemon GO mania taking over the Internet and people’s lives, you don’t own a smart phone. Nintendo‘s brilliant idea to re-launch its Pokemon franchise as an Augmented Reality (AR) game, has sent its stock skyrocketing. Meanwhile, opportunists wanting to capitalize on the Pokemon fame and brand, aren’t wasting […]

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Pokémon GO : SnapNames launches new Augmented Reality drop-catching service

Tapping into the lucrative Augmented Reality market, SnapNames is expanding its drop-catching services to the gaming industry. The Web.com company announced the launch of SnapKemon ™, an AR app designed to integrate with the popular Pokémon GO. “Many employees at Web.com are now taking extended lunch breaks, and while we’re a progressive company, wanted to […]

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