Invest in #Pokemon cards instead of #domain names?

Pokemon cards as investments are performing better than domain names this year, apparently.

In 2020, the total domain sales revenue is down considerably compared to the year prior, at least for reported sales.

Investor interest in Pokemon cards has been phenomenal, driven by celebrities who are “pumping” the market with ludicrous spending.

Rapper Logic paid $226,000 dollars for a single card, a pristine 1999 “Charizard”, earlier this month. As evidence of the speed of the rise, the card bought by Logic was worth about $80,000 dollars the month before.

Figures provided by eBay show that the sale of collectable cards on its platform has risen 123% between July and October 2020 against the same period in the previous year. Barney Ludkins, owner of the UK-based Ludkins Collectibles said that boxes which now sell for six figures were worth about 6,000 British pounds just five years ago.

Perhaps combining domains with Pokemon cards is a great idea, so heading over to the web site at we see a fan of Donald Trump supporting the president for “4 more years.” Registered in 1999, the domain is listed for sale at Sedo.

The following “Pokemon cards” domains are also registered:

As a side note, Pokemon is a registered trademark by Nintendo.

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