Niantic & Pokemon Go : Telepathy, Inc. holds a huge .com asset in its domain portfolio

The huge, international success of the Augmented Reality game, Pokemon Go, has turned Niantic, Inc. into a household name.

The San Francisco company produced the game and licensed it to Nintendo.

Today’s news is huge: Niantic – not Nintendo – owns the rights to the game, and Nintendo’s stock dropped more than 17%, as it’s one thing to own full rights to a mega-game, and another to be using it under license.

The big news does not end here.

A well-established domain investor company stands to benefit strongly from this gaming madness: Telepathy, Inc.

Nat Cohen‘s company owns the domain name since 2009, predating the Niantic, Inc. formation in 2010. The latter, operates from

The company takes its name from the whaling vessel Niantic, which came to San Francisco during the California Gold Rush, according to Wikipedia.

Currently, Telepathy, Inc. is using as a geo-centric content portal and part of the City Brand Media network.

There is, however, a dedicated page about Pokemon Go, with the following disclaimer:

“You probably came to this site because you thought it was for Niantic Inc., but nope! It’s for Niantic City.

But don’t fret– we understand you’ve got needs, so we’ve compiled a complete guide on how to play Pokemon Go and become the very best.”

Eventually, Niantic, Inc. is bound to make billions of dollars, by licensing Pokemon Go to Nintendo. Hopefully, they will make a decent offer to acquire the domain! 😀

Niantic Labs - Not at currently.

Niantic Labs – Not at currently.

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