#Domain first names: Nat Cohen has acquired Nat.com

Do you own your first name as a .com? Nat Cohen, founder of Telepathy, Inc., does; the domain Nat.com has changed hands after a transaction that span several months, apparently.

Nat.com now forwards to Nat Cohen’s LinkedIn profile. And that’s a great use of a three letter .com domain, as a URL forward!

Registered in 1998, the domain Nat.com was used by the North American Title company until at least December 2021. The company became Doma in 2019, opening an opportunity for Nat Cohen to acquire this great LLL .com domain.

We can only speculate on the amount involved for the acquisition of Nat.com but it’s a clear demonstration that Telepathy actively acquires domains, as well as scores big sales.

We have a hunch, though: Somehow, this acquisition was offset by the simultaneous sale of the domain name Somehow.com.

Congratulations on these domain transactions, Nat! 😀

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