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Let’s get back to one more edition of the amazing Domain Name Jargon series – an endless resource of information, a true thesaurus of terms and trivia related to domaining.

Name Jargon helps domain investors (re)define domaining and to define domain industry terms used in the past, and today.

Today’s Domain Name Jargon entry is below:

Domainer Envy: The psychological reaction a domain investor experiences, upon realization that every successful domainer manages a portfolio of domains far superior than his. It’s the type of raw awakening that leaves every domain investor wide-eyed with awe, once they compare their pitiful domains with the portfolio gems of major players in the domain industry. Domainer envy is pure lust, jealously, and admiration all in one about the much better domains someone else owns.

Example: “Son of a bitch, I just saw Brent Oxley’s domain portfolio: He has shit like CPU.com, Liver.com, Yen.com, Athlete.com, Audit.com, and Valentine.com. I’m in total domainer envy mode with the dude!”

Domainer Envy – Photo by James Barr on Unsplash

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