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Get on with the times already!

Get on with the times already!

It’s winter officially in Florida, with the current temperature being 65 degrees!

Finally, we can open our windows wide, while the rest of you throw more wood in the fireplace.

That also means Christmas is on its way.

ICANN already gave domainers their Christmas gift, a set of four IDN gTLDs, but there are still problems.

They might as well give us coal, but as we’re on a good course to (re)define domaining that doesn’t really matter.

Keep on studying our Domain Name Jargon series and Santa might like you more. 😉

gTLD (acronym) : Although it’s rumored to stand for ‘Generic Top Level Domain’, the gTLD acronym is often a reference to ‘Get To Lose Dollars’ by the unbelievers of this new Internet space expansion.

The introduction of hundreds of new domain extensions – thousands eventually – will allow ICANN to become a trillion dollar corporation well before Apple rolls out iPhone 10.

Most gTLD domain applicants paid $185,000 per each .whatever, but many realized that they could re-invest that money to an effective advertising campaign that promotes their current web site instead, thus withdrawing their gTLD applications.

Categorized into unrestricted, sponsored and geographic, gTLDs are summarized as “junk” by old school domain investors who do not want to face progress and change in the domain name space.

Meanwhile, Uniregistry – Frank Schilling’s gTLD solutions provider – is quietly becoming the Microsoft of the new domain space, establishing new offices in California.

Example: “I don’t think ICANN will dare roll out any new gTLDs before 2025 so who cares!”

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