#Domain Name Jargon : #Outboarding and #Suitcasing at domain conferences

Welcome to a spanking new edition of our Domain Name Jargon seriesthe top notch dictionary of terms and trivia related to domaining – a valuable thesaurus that no sane domain investor should fail to peruse.

The purpose of Name Jargon is to help (re)define domaining and to clarify misconceptions about domain industry terms used in the past, and today.

We have two words for you today: Outboarding and Suitcasing, so let’s examine their precise meaning:

Outboarding : This great marketing idea is often utilized by companies in the domain industry, that decide to roll out their own unofficial party without arranging for sponsoring the event. By saving thousands of dollars, outboarding companies can pass the savings onto the attendees of the side-event, extending the timeframe that free ouzo shots and free marketing pitches are available.

Example: “Damn, did you attend the afterparty by Super Ultra Domains at NamesCon? They had a funny clown making balloon toys and free marijuana liquor til 2:00am, bro! I totally am going to buy their shit!”

Suitcasing : Another super fantastic marketing idea that shaves thousands of dollars off the mediocre budget of enterprising domain companies. In practice, the company registers as an attendee instead of being an advertiser, and is able to high five other attendees in the bathrooms, handing out badly designed brochures along with free logo stickers that promote their services.

Example: “Bro, Lizzy from Sucky Domains walked right in while I was zipping up my fly at the men’s bathroom at NamesCon. She grinned and gave me a firm handshake, handing me a free USB-C fob! Man, love this company!”

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