#Domain Name Jargon : Schwartz Syndrome

About time to update one of the most important educational series about domaining: The great Domain Name Jargon seriesan endless resource of information, a true thesaurus of terms and trivia related to domaining.

The purpose of Name Jargon is to help (re)define domaining and to clarify misconceptions about domain industry terms used in the past, and today.

Name Jargon helps settle such arguments among domainers, once and for all.

Today’s Domain Name Jargon entry arrives courtesy of Adam Strong:

Schwartz Syndrome: A disorder in which an individual unwittingly replaces a domain name extension with .com in writing or speaking. Often manifesting as front lobe pain caused by the loss of 3 UDRP cases in a row, Schwartz Syndrome remains undiagnosed until that first RDNH finding.

Example: “That dumbass from Spase .IO has Schwartz Syndrome. His company site is on .io but he wrote .com all over the press release!”

For the record, Rick Schwartz owns SchwartzSyndrome.com. 😀

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