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Domain Name Jargon : UDRP

NAF panelist: Zumba is a trademark.

Most UDRP panelists don’t look this hot.

So you made it to the end of your first TRAFFIC domain conference, congratulations! 😀

Tonight’s farewell party is as much fun as the opening Cabana networking session, offering tasty hors d’oeuvres (always have to google this word) music, drinks and the opportunity to seal deals with the wonderful people you met.

Domainer parties aside, you’re on a good course to (re)define domaining as we’ll be busy educating you for days to come, through our Domain Name Jargon series.

UDRP (acronym) : Shorthand of  Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, this concoction of legalese mumbo-jumbo was put together over the course of several moons by ICANN experts, in order to accurately project the wages of panelists.

Often used as a verb, for example “Man, I just got UDRPed“, the UDRP reference is a dreadful notification in the mail, and a reminder that you are about to be both raped financially and lose a domain in the process.

If you file a UDRP, you are referred to as the Complainant; if you are the recipient of the complaint, you are the Respondent – also known as “toast.

While some domainers have responded to UDRP notifications in person, very few have survived without the assistance of intellectual property attorneys. Here is one such case.

Notable UDRP cases involve that of SaveMe.com brought against Rick Schwartz, which ended in a Reverse Domain Name Hijacking finding and the induction of Márcio Mello Chaves to the HallOfShame.com list.

Example: “The odds of getting UDRPed when selling a trademark domain violation for $1500 to the tm holders, are pretty slim; the UDRP filing fee is exactly the same amount. Does that make me a cybersquatter?”


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2 Responses to “Domain Name Jargon : UDRP”
  1. Excitemental says:

    Good to see the company ‘Mitra’ recently bought the .com domain name instead of trying to go through UDRP

  2. DomainGang says:

    Excitemental – Lots of domains are bought this way, this isn’t exactly news.

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