Name Jargon: Hand register (a domain name)

Name jargon knowledge gets you more chicks.

Name jargon knowledge gets you more chicks.

Ever seen a domain-related term and wondered what the hell it really means? Do Wikipedia definitions about domains leave you unsatisfied? Are you confused by domainers speaking in tongues and wished you had immediate access to their source of wisdom?

Today we are launching Name Jargon, a new class of posts that seek to (re)define domaining. 😀

We will be analyzing the depths of the domainer psyche to provide you with the true meanings of domain terminology.

Enjoy! 😀

Hand register (a domain): When you use your hands to type on your computer keyboard or tactile smartphone or tablet surface, entering a domain into the WHOIS tool of a domain registrar.

Typically, it involves being told that the .com is taken, and that other, lesser extensions are available.

At this point, if you had consumed alcohol prior to the query, your resistance is futile and you end up “hand registering” that lesser domain anyway.

Hand registration of domain names is the art of spending your money on domains averaging 12 to 35 letters long, wishing that you had started domaining a decade earlier.

Example: “I hand registered in 2007, but then I let it drop because my mom found out.”

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