10 Reasons you should NOT go to NamesCon next week!

When it comes down to choices, domainers are an opinionated bunch.

Technically, if you own at least one domain other than your personal name and that of your dog’s, you are a domainer.

While NamesCon was created with the folks like you in mind, this might not be your idea of a cool gathering.

That’s alright, not everyone likes French chocolate mousse.

Here are the 10 Reasons you should not attend NamesCon next week. You won’t be missed.

  • It’s expensive! Unless it’s free, or under $50, why bother sharing a room with a bunch of strangers? You can do that on a Greyhound bus.
  • It’s in Las Vegas and you have a habit with gambling and strippers. Ewww! Who wants to play blackjack while almost naked ladies dance in close proximity? Very distracting.
  • There are too many people going! Being a germophobe, can you imagine exchanging handshakes and germs with 600 people? Disgusting!
  • Who the hell is Frank Schilling? Seriously, never heard of the guy.
  • There are panel sessions discussing gTLDs. We all know that gTLDs are the new satan from hell, with 666 horns and a breath that reeks of phosphorus. Vade retro satana!
  • Donuts is a sponsor and you’re on a diet.
  • Sedo is a sponsor and you prefer Rook Media. (Guess what, they are a sponsor too.) Whatever, I don’t like any of the other sponsors!
  • Rick Schwartz isn’t going. (But he was invited.)
  • You might lose your head of hair during a WaterNight bet and you’re extremely fond of your curls.
  • NamesCon was just formed by this Richard Lau guy. Who knows if the hotel venue, let alone the conference REALLY exists!!!

On a serious note, Hexonet is sponsoring the bottled water provided at the conference, and as they say, the devil is in the details.



Custom order bottles of water with the Hexonet logo on them –  72 cases of 24 bottles each to be delivered from Arizona to Las Vegas for the drinking enjoyment of the NamesCon attendees.

See you in Vegas.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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