12 Boldest Domainer Tweets

The domain community consists of many remarkable individuals, some of which tend to stand out from the crowd due to their personality.

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Some are the quiet type, others are balanced while some are overly extroverted ๐Ÿ™‚

We thought it’d be fun to imagine what some of these domainers would say on Twitter, projecting a domainer’s mentality through their statements. Enjoy.

  • My domain is bigger than yours – Rick Schwartz
  • Remarkable PPC,ย  all while the stock is down 4.29% in the past three quarters on NYSE – Mike Berkens
  • Big day for ScienceFiction.com and hello to my wife and kids, eating a burritoย  – Chef Patrick
  • Very well sale, on CAX, we adore the plus revenue and time to see profits – Francois Carrillo
  • Call me later, I’m at the gym right now – Elliot Silver
  • 3D domains is the biggest and baddest domain vertical since I don’t know what – Stephen Douglas
  • Tomorrow’s drops include those I was asked to promote on this list but don’t tell anyone – Domain Shane
  • I love domains! My book about flipping books about domains is a hit on Flippa! – Morgan Linton
  • Kiss my hairy domainer ass! – Daryl the Drunk Domainer (RIP)
  • Our last post generated 3,000 leads in the advertising and marketing industries so far this morning – Owen Frager
  • GoDaddy is the world’s best registrar that just happens to be a generous sponsor – Andrew Allemann
  • How Jeff Caminski made Millions and Outsourced his 27 real world Businesses to Thailand after selling his first domain at the age of 15 – Ron Jackson
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