7+1 reasons why your domains suck!

If you have high expectations about your domains, but nothing much comes out of it, day after day and month after month, I have news for you: your domains suck!

Don’t get mad at the messenger, bro! Just telling you that any enterprise that makes little or no money, needs to be ‘rebooted‘.

A business plan that leads nowhere, is a fool’s plan.

You may ask, why do my domains suck, Lucius?

There are several reasons for that, and I’m stating a few below.

Study this list hard, then do something about it!

  • Your domains are junk ‘dictionary’ words. Not every word in the dictionary has a real world use. Get jiggy with it!
  • Your domains are typos that get little or no type-ins. The days of typo traffic are long gone, a lot of browsers and Google auto-correct stuff as you type.
  • You entered a particular niche too late, and the market is sucked dry. Just like the infamous “I drink your milkshake” scene. Google it.
  • The TLD you are focusing on is second, third or lesser tier – as opposed to the almighty .com.
  • If you’re holding onto trademark domains, sooner or later they will be pushed out by legitimate venues in Google and other search engines. Don’t do it, bro.
  • Facebook pages that match your domains became very popular. This is a phenomenon that can affect a lot of brandables. You need to sell before they take the Facebook way.
  • You devalued your domains by offering them everywhere for sale: forums, brokers, flippers, your mom. Hold them locked up like a virgin in a harem, next time.
  • Rick Schwartz says so!

If you finally figured out your domains suck, the only way out is to let them go: drop them, sell them cheap, donate them to the Domainers Anonymous brotherhood.

But don’t renew them, unless you want to be known as the guy with a lot of domains that suck. 😀

You’ll thank me later.

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9 Responses to “7+1 reasons why your domains suck!”
  1. Gman says:

    there is a technical term
    it’s called ‘TRESH’

  2. benji says:

    I don’t agree with this. Yes people register horrible names but there is a difference if the dn is going to be developed and branded, take fiverr for example, or if someone is registering it for sale and its stupid to the dn shopper.

  3. DomainGang says:

    Gman – Tresh it is! 😀

    benji – You don’t have to agree, but denial is a sign of weakness 😀

  4. mike at domainaddress.info says:

    According to godaddy.com, domainssuck.com is free 🙂

  5. chris says:

    Some of your points are hilarious and very true. To me it only makes sense to by a somewhat usual name if you are going to build a brand around it. – giszo.com

  6. Rod says:

    I have learnt something in this game long time ago, never generalise with domains; for every sucking domain there’s a sucker who would be more than willing to buy it off you, it’s just a matter of finding that sucker 🙂

  7. RaTHeaD says:

    nuh uh… you may think i’m stupid but if somebody offers me money for one of my domains… i just say no thank you and raise the price. it’s so funny because it’s so true.

  8. wonay says:

    I’m a stupid Indian from Mumbai and the IP and I tried to talk down about you and your company. I’m sorry, it’s just that because I believe cows are holy, I eat too much curry chicken that makes me poop red turds. I also have a shitty blog and my penis is 3 inches hard. Please ban me.

  9. RAYY says:

    Agree with Chris.

    If you build around with a brandable domain name such as NAMEii.com website , it can’t be a ‘domain suck’ name.

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