8 reasons why it’s a good thing #NamesCon 2020 is moving to #Austin, Texas

By now you already know that NamesCon 2020 will take place in Austin, Texas.

Say goodbye to Las Vegas, baby, Elvis has exited the building.

The choice dumbfounded us, as the two seemingly stronger options were locations in California and Florida. The operators of NamesCon had specifically mentioned “sandy beaches” none of which defines Austin. Heck, we even ran a poll on that.

GoDaddy owns NamesCon essentially, so here are 8 reasons why it’s a good thing NamesCon 2020 is relocating to Austin, Texas, and away from Las Vegas, Nevada:

  • The location is more central to the US than Vegas, and less than 3 hours from most US airports; compare to 5 hours for Vegas from the East Coast, and even further to European visitors.
  • Austin is a hub for technology start-ups, allowing for greater “insemination” by the local companies. For that reason:
  • … better and bigger sponsorships by Austin companies that embrace and understand domain names.
  • Austin has much bigger expo halls that far surpass the good old boy hospitality approach in Vegas. No more smoking poisoning by the venue’s casino!
  • Austin has great food culture. Domainers need to embrace the city they are visiting, and Austin has a lot to offer.
  • As a destination, Vegas caused a lot of exhaustion to many of its domainer visitors. You can only watch Britney shows so many times, bitch.
  • Austin has a milder, more predictable climate than Las Vegas. You can probably wear flannel shirts in the winter, instead of ski gear.
  • Last and by no means least: Andrew Allemann of DNW lives in Austin; he will finally be able to attend NamesCon in flip flops and a tshirt and pack homemade lunches.

Looking forward to the NamesCon 2020 event! 😀

NamesCon 2020 moves to Austin, Texas – Photo by Jeremy Banks on Unsplash

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2 Responses to “8 reasons why it’s a good thing #NamesCon 2020 is moving to #Austin, Texas”
  1. Alvin Brown says:

    Looking forward to NamesCon 2020 being in my backyard.

  2. Logan says:

    Andrew Allemann of DNW lives says he is moving away from Austin this year.

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