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8 reasons why it’s a good thing #NamesCon 2020 is moving to #Austin, Texas

By now you already know that NamesCon 2020 will take place in Austin, Texas. Say goodbye to Las Vegas, baby, Elvis has exited the building. The choice dumbfounded us, as the two seemingly stronger options were locations in California and Florida. The operators of NamesCon had specifically mentioned “sandy beaches” none of which defines Austin. […]

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#Straws and #Austin : Are the matching .com #domains becoming endangered?

The matching dot .com domains of common words, or geographical terms are by default very valuable. These domains can sell for tens, hundreds or millions of dollars, as past sales have shown. Generic domains retain type-in traffic, despite the onslaught of Facebook and how Google handles domain names in recent years. But are such strong […]

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