#Domain investors stranded at Las Vegas airport waiting for #NamesCon

A group of Finnish domainers are currently stranded in Las Vegas, looking for NamesCon 2020.

The domain investors from Malaakinikki Turku in northern Finland, arrived on a special charter flight last night. After waiting for more than 3 hours at the McCarran International Airport with no InterNetX VIP limo arriving to pick them up, they contacted NamesCon.

“We are so tired from flight, what’s up NamesCon? Spend money fly to Las Vegas, yes, now I learn conference not here!” exclaimed Spiru Tuukisini, a domain investor from Finland who also grows pine trees.

“Flight ok, ready promote .FI domain as “FINALLY DOMAIN” brand, and now NamesCon far away city, where Texas have guns!” added the Finnish domain investor, shaking his head, adding: “No worry, we played slots and won game black jack at airport, love Vegas!”

Meanwhile, NamesCon 2020 is continuing today in Austin, Texas. If you’re still heading out that way, avoid Las Vegas – the conference has moved.

NamesCon – no longer in Las Vegas. Photo by Nicola Tolin on Unsplash

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