Afternic’s social media is back from the dead!

Afternic has been working on its next incarnation for over a year now.

The GoDaddy-owned marketplace for second hand domains is busy as ever, but its social media accounts, including Twitter, have been quite dead.

For example, on Twitter, @Afternic made 8 posts total in the five years spanning 2014-2019 and then disappeared. No-one was manning the spot, apparently, but this is changing fast.

Afternic is now pumping out re-tweets and more, as someone of importance is tweeting from the account. It could be Mike Cyger, according to some, but we don’t know for sure; three years of silence is a long time and it’s finally over! 😀

One thing is certain: Afternic listened to the constant “whining” by Jamie Zoch of dotWeekly, who chipped in on the subject:

Well-said, Jamie, and congratulations on Afternic for listening to the community of domain investors! 😀

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