AhmetHashish Rahajani : How to beat First and Two Two on NameJet, god willing

Hello friends domainers, and salaam to you, first day of spring in Persia, itโ€™s me, AhmetHashish Rahajani, domainer expert that big success was no luck.

Last time, asked you take my moneys, and hope facilitated advice for profit. Is what I do for you.

Today weather is good, so move strategy far east.

If hear how NameJet make moneys, many moneys, from China, here are cool stuffs.

User First NameJet and user Two Two NameJet is no human.

Get all your money to win NameJet.

Get all your money to win NameJet.

Of course this no mean they dogs. ๐Ÿ˜€

Ahahaha. Sorry, no funny, I know. But mean, not one person, many persons. Many China man and womans together, putting moneys down for win domain NameJet.

For knowledge, First user NameJet is registrars Ename. And Two Two user NameJet is company 22.CN I belief accurate. China man look alike.

Ah, you might say, AhmetHashish are you smoking ganja from Dubai, friend? But I respond, no, is true fact NameJet provide access.

But how win those players, when many, and not one?

God willing, solution is simple for strategy in domain bidding.

I try explain.

Why bid alone when invite family, brother, sister, son, daughter, cousin, uncle? If parent know internet works, invite also. And all put moneys down for bid NameJet.

My Uncle Abdul Jaffar have many son, and every son have two wife. So many childrens, and so on. We won First at NameJet and Two Two at NameJet with cash from Uncle Abdul Jaffar’s wedding presents.

So secret to success bid: all family you have, bid with money. Simple.

And advice, as see video, no do this with ratatatatat in sky, ok?


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