Alert: Google bots attack domainers – take cover!

A series of attacks against domainers have been recorded this week, some of which are unfortunately lethal.

The offending attacker is a series PND 3.1 Google bot, that has apparently acquired a new, positronic micro-code by Google.

“I was assaulted without any provocation by those beasts, it was a horrible experience!” exclaimed Tim Dulton from New York, visibly shaken.

“I was minding my own business, I swear, and the Google bots ate my entire data for lunch, I’m now bleeding financially,” he added.

Thousands of small and medium web site operators are in danger of losing the shirt off their backs, after Google’s bots were let loose to prowl around the Internet. Millions of visits later, the data they collect is being consumed with no trace left behind; domain investors discover that their assets are dropping from the face of Cyberspace.

US Senator Larry Sanders calls it a disgrace.

“Google is pure evil, these latest attacks left us with two victims, one killed himself and another died from a heart attack after seeing their Adsense reports. I will bring forth legislation to outlaw bot crawlers from the Internet,” added Sanders.

While Google refused to comment on the current state of affairs, many domain investors are preparing to defend their turf, with pitchforks and guns if necessary. It’s the American thing to do.


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