All your domains are come from us : XYZ trademark application

Domain trademarks are good to have, and the XYZ Registry has applied for a mark on a phrase that’s a meme variant:

“All your domains are come from us.”

The phrase is grammatically incorrect intentionally, and we’re not trying to be a grammar nazi; it’s just the way it is.

The applied for trademark is a variant of an old video game text that read, “all your base are belong to us” in a failed attempt to translate its Japanese original.

Why would the XYZ Registry attempt to resurrect a 17 year old animation video meme, is beyond us.

The XYZ Registry trademark application for “All your domains are come from us” alleges first use of the mark on May 15, 2017 using the following campaign as its specimen of use, and for “Domain registry operator services” :

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  1. Dn Ebook says:

    Wow, they are like some kinda super hero

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