Apple iPad 2 has Sweet new feature for Domainers

The new Apple iPad 2 has a special feature aimed at Domainers.

A visibly ailing but ever-smiling Steve Jobs appeared in front of several hundred people earlier today, unveiling Apple’s new iPad 2.

Available soon in black and also in classic white, the iPad 2 is slightly lighter than the original, at 1.3 lbs and sports front and back video cameras.

There is also a surprise feature aimed at domainers.

“I’m excited to announce that in cooperation with Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Mansion we are including a multi-function built-in sensor”, said the Apple CEO, smiling from the podium.

The DMP or Domainer Multi Port – is primarily a sensor and analyzer of air humidity, with further processing of its consistency. In effect, the new iPad 2 offers the ability to “sniff” the air for any sort of contamination, including influenza and Legionnaire’s. Other diseases can be programmed in via an app expander module.

The iPad 2 screen is also self-cleaning with premium disinfectant, to avoid passing around germs from the constant touching of one’s iPad 2 screen.

“Recent advancements in technology have made it possible for us to further secure our customer base, and especially domain investors that are always looking for the latest Apple tools to promote domains and expand their marketability”, added Steve Jobs while taking a shot from his inhaler.

The new iPad 2 will come with a free $50 coupon to DomainFest – the domainer conference that made worldwide news recently with the outbreak of Legionnaire’s at the Playboy Mansion – thus popularizing the term “domainer flu”.

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