Apple registers “Beats EP” domains, files for trademark

Apple acquired Beats Electronics for $3 billion dollars in cash and stock, two years ago.

In recent days, Apple has registered a series of domain names that contain “Beats EP” as part of the keyword.

These domains include the following TLDs and several gTLDs, most of them with a registration date of June 3rd, 2016:

Not surprisingly, we could find no information in the official Apple resources about “Beats EP”, but a quick search at the USPTO database returned an interesting trademark application:


IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: computer software, namely, software for updating wireless speakers and headphones; computer software for use in controlling speakers, amplifiers, stereo systems, home theater systems, and home entertainment systems; audio speakers; loud speakers; earphones; headphones; microphones; electrical and electronic connectors, couplers, wires, cables, chargers, docks, docking stations, interfaces, and adapters for use with all of the aforesaid goods; covers, bags and cases adapted or shaped to contain audio players

The applicant for the “BEATS EP” trademark is Beats Electronics, LLC.

According to the documents, Beats Electronics, LLC is filing the trademark application with an “intent to use” clause, and at the same time claims an existing application in Jamaica.

We can only speculate about the purpose of this other trademark application, and some information can be reviewed here; this Beats Electronics trademark application notes offers a clue: “to assert a valid claim of priority.”

The trademark application for BEATS EP by Beats Electronics, LLC was made on April 4th, and it has yet to be assigned to an examining attorney. This takes three months, typically.

Many thanks to ZFBot for providing an excellent tool to research keywords across millions of existing domain names in hundreds of TLDs and new gTLDs.

Beats headphones by Beats Electronics, LLC - an Apple owned company.

Beats headphones by Beats Electronics, LLC – an Apple owned company.




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