Arctic cold won’t phase Florida owner of

The weather all over Florida is reminiscent of the Arctic circle currently, with temperatures expected to drop as low as 23-25 degrees in some areas.

There is one industry that suffers from sudden temperature lows below the freezing point, and that is the production of strawberries.

“We often lose 60% of our local production due to sudden freezing”, says domainer Tia Wood of Plant City, Florida.

“I love strawberries and the local strawberry festival and I feel sad when they don’t make it through the winter!”

But one domainer from Florida, Steven Kennedy, remains unphased by all this potential disaster.

Steven owns – a web site that has helped raise a good chunk of money over the years.

“I love strawberries and it was only natural for me to acquire a few years back”, says Steven, who often attends TRAFFIC and other domainer conferences.

“While the sudden freeze might ruin the strawberry production in Central Florida, my domain and web site will continue business as usual!” adds Steven with a smile.

If you’re currently in Florida, get your blankets out tonight because the weather will make your strawberries, dingleberries and other parts freeze solid!

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