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Florida domainer wins the $590 million Powerball, plans mass domain acquisitions!

When Samuel Haggis walked into a Zephyrhills Publix early last week, little did he know that his life was about to change. The Floridian domainer and father of two young boys, came forward earlier today to claim the massive $590.5 million Powerball jackpot – the largest Powerball jackpot win in history. Accompanied by wife Tamela […]

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Cop pulls Domainer over: Ka-ching!

Sometimes a domain sale can occur in the most bizarre and unexpected places. That’s what Florida domainer, Roger Houston, experienced during a short trip to neighboring Georgia. “I was driving through Atlanta, returning home to Jax after my cousin’s wedding, and the weather was nasty,” said Houston. “I didn’t see the speed sign, that apparently […]

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Arctic cold won’t phase Florida owner of Strawberries.com

The weather all over Florida is reminiscent of the Arctic circle currently, with temperatures expected to drop as low as 23-25 degrees in some areas. There is one industry that suffers from sudden temperature lows below the freezing point, and that is the production of strawberries. “We often lose 60% of our local production due […]

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