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Are domainers “scumbags” ?

Redditors are mad that domainers make money.

Someone is mad at domainers.

Someone is really mad about domainers, and is letting it all out.

Apparently frustrated by the practice of buying and selling domain names, an angry, small-pricked gentleman by the name of “Ziplock Bagger” left us the following message:

“Domainers are scumbags. You steal are [sic] domains and attempt to extort money many times over what’s worth.

Real businesses are suffering when they need a domain to start up and can’t afford to fork out thousands for a simple domain that should have been made available to begin with. Happens every damn time.

Parking should be made illegal to, it’s a disgrace seeing every other domain keyword being parked. Glad to read when companies win UDRPs, you are all scumbags!”

Well now, Ziplock Bagger.

Don’t catch your tiny wiener in that act of Ziplock douche-bagging. Maybe you lost a domain to someone who registered it before you let go of your momma’s teat?

But to launch a crusade on every domain owner who paid to acquire a domain, and who pays every year the nominal fees to renew it? Umm, no. You’re a sore loser.

It’s fuckheads like you, Ziplock Bagger, that ruin what is a fun, profitable, lawful business. Please educate yourself, or go jump off the highest cliff in Ireland.

What a great day that would be!

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9 Responses to “Are domainers “scumbags” ?”
  1. Some of us are actually scumbags.
    Most are good people.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Kostas – Some of the best people I know are domainers. This guy obviously has some issues to be so bitter.

  3. Logan says:

    Notice the sense of entitlement of prospective domain name buyers who would never think this way about physical real estate:

    “Real businesses are suffering when they need a [retail location] to start up and can’t afford to fork out thousands for a simple [retail space in a shopping center] that should have been made available to begin with. Happens every damn time.”

    The retail storefront should just be “made available” to them, eh?

  4. EM@MAJ.COM says:

    I always told potential buyers, it’s a real business that cost money to maintain year after year.
    You can please all people in the world.

    Best regards,

  5. DomainGang says:

    Em – This is not a potential buyer, just some douchebag who doesn’t like domain investors. That’s fine with me, I don’t like douchebags.

    Logan – Great response!

  6. Dnvre says:

    I call my butler a scumbag all the time

  7. Kate says:

    It is a common fallacy to think that without domainers there would be more good domains available.
    Well no, they would be gone anyway, it’s just that fewer would be available for sale.

  8. DomainGang says:

    Kate – Great point. Those who are upset don’t understand how Capitalism works.

  9. Professor of Moral Philosophy says:

    “Some of us are actually scumbags. Most are good people.” “Some of the best people I know are domainers.”

    Respectfully, you’re conflating ‘good’ (i.e. moral) – the degree that an action logically contributes to the needs of the world – with ‘nice’ – a subjective personality trait. Just because the capitalist system allows exploitation doesn’t mean that we should – this system will be fixed eventually. There is a logical basis to what I am saying but I don’t expect you to understand why, just as I don’t understand the intricacies of domains. According to logic, domains for purposes that people ‘want’ – those sought for arbitrary or nil purpose – would be a free market, as per the current system. However, domains that people seek because they need (or believe they need) would be regulated and (re)allocated by the gov based on what would probably most efficiently serve society. We see this already with .gov, .edu tho current govs are yet to extend this logic to all other TLDs (also the tech is not yet there to differentiate between peoples’ purposes – this system would be exploited if based on honesty alone). The above philosophy is ‘Purism’. It is just emerging…

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