Are you kidding me? – Is this Free Speech? - A scandalous domain and poster.

Free speech is a fundamental part of the US Constitution but when does one clearly cross the line?

The domain name contains language that attempts to portray president Barack Obama as “a murderer” and asks for the “murder” of his “presidency” by voting for “Ron Paul in 2012“!

Since the content nowhere does it say “kill Obama” would it be safe to assume that it’s an exercise of free speech? Or does the domain itself function as a prompt to assassinate the President?

The web site contains these keywords:

kill obama,, ron paul, wanted poster, obama happy meal, man tried to kil obama.

We need a lawyer’s feedback here!

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2 Responses to “Are you kidding me? – Is this Free Speech?”
  1. Jeff says:

    Saying Kill the President is a long established political tradition in the US. Look at all the posters, banners, and t-shirts saying kill George Bush:

  2. crazy says:

    As long as you aren’t stealing money in the process or murdering.
    This guy crosses the line because you can’t yell fire in a crowded theatre.
    Plus Obama is our leader and it doesn’t matter if we like him or not.
    This is an outrage and someone should inform the white house of this website.
    This definately violates Obama’s civil rights even as a public office holder.

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