Atom SEO: Squadhelp pays to top Google searches for its new brand

Squadhelp performed a surprise domain rebranding ten days ago, switching to Atom and the domain name

When companies switch from brand A to brand B it’s not a simple case of swapping a product label. While Squadhelp is a two word compound and an established brand with a matching registered trademark to boot, Atom is pretty much a generic word linked to nuclear physics and particles.

Atom is all about domains and brands, however and it’s now seeking to associate itself with that particular market, as opposed to Oppenheimer  fans. To achieve that, is buying Google Ads that place the company’s domain at the top of searches.

The obvious one, “Atom” can be seen below:

The good news: It seems that out of 1.8 billion results for “Atom” in Google, and just another advertiser are paying Google in order to rank.

Atom Tickets is the #2 result, whenever they choose to bid on the “Atom” keyword, which means that pays more or “overbids” for that coveted top spot.

So how much is the former Squadhelp team bidding on the “Atom” keyword?

According to the Google Ads keyword planner, that’s between 9 cents and 81 cents per impression, currently.

In the case of two bidders, that means Atom is bidding more than 9 cents per impression which can be as high as 81 cents; however, when just one bidder is present it can be as low as 9 cents per impression.

It doesn’t seem that will break the budget bidding on its brand keyword to achieve good Google placement. They are probably also running Google Ads targeting the same range of domain services as before – only now there’s no Squadhelp reference.

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