: Will this be the next news-based #domain to sell at #BuyDomains?

The reference to an “autonomous zone” made news recently, about a self-declared autonomous zone, intentional community and commune covering approximately six city blocks in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.

The area caught the attention of president Donald Trump, who referred to the autonomous zone as a place where “anarchists” and “antifa” congregate.

While this might or might not be accurate, the keyword and matching hashtag #autonomouszone is gaining traction on social media. With elections coming up in November, the matching domain might be of interest to either major political party, or even independents.

Who owns the domain

This 2006 registration is in the possession of BuyDomains, and it’s listed for sale at Afternic with a $2,488 dollar price tag. You can make offers of at least $700 bucks, however.

Kudos: Dale G.

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