Bank of America now owns a two-letter .Company domain

An eagle-eyed domain investor, found something very interesting, while perusing WHOIS information of recently released two-letter domains.

It appears that Bank of America, a major banking corporation, has acquired one such domain, as recently released by Donuts.

As one can see in the WHOIS info of the domain BA.Company, the registrant is Bank Of America; the domain was registered yesterday.

Bank Of America owns BA.Company

Bank Of America owns BA.Company

Will Bank of America move to use BA.Company versus the industry secure dot .Bank domain?

That remains to be seen, as more options become available to companies and investors alike.

For the record, is owned by British Airways.

Many thanks to Jason for the tip! 😀

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5 Responses to “Bank of America now owns a two-letter .Company domain”
  1. Peter says:

    Since .com may means not just commerce, but also company, if I were a holder of, I would register as well.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Peter – Good point. Looks like British Airways didn’t do that. For the record, LG did, they now own and

  3. Peter says:

    …they are smart and have registered even and

  4. Mike H says:

    A couple other big company reg’s that I noticed over the past few days are from Toronto Dominion and Guess? (The clothing company);

  5. temphi says:

    BA.CO is for sale at $50K.

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