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#NamesCon Europe 2019 was unsuccessful, says #domainer whose #domains were not accepted

A domain investor with a large dot .Company portfolio claims that NamesCon Europe 2019 was an unsuccessful domain conference. How did he come up to this conclusion? Although he wasn’t attending the conference, he submitted a number of dot .Company domains to be included in the auction. None of these domains were accepted. The Qatari […]

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#Domain sightings : VLC.Company rocks new #gTLD

Domain sightings are all about experiencing domain names in real life: vehicles, buildings, anywhere outside of the digital world. In this open-ended series, we keep track of such “domains in the wild” by documenting them in photos. Some are submitted by our friends and readers, and others we come across in day to day life. […]

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Bank of America now owns a two-letter .Company domain

An eagle-eyed domain investor, found something very interesting, while perusing WHOIS information of recently released two-letter domains. It appears that Bank of America, a major banking corporation, has acquired one such domain, as recently released by Donuts. As one can see in the WHOIS info of the domain BA.Company, the registrant is Bank Of America; […]

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