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#Domain sightings : VLC.Company rocks new #gTLD

Domain sightings are all about experiencing domain names in real life: vehicles, buildings, anywhere outside of the digital world. In this open-ended series, we keep track of such “domains in the wild” by documenting them in photos. Some are submitted by our friends and readers, and others we come across in day to day life. […]

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Clueless “businessman” threatens #domain investor over 19 year old dot .com

The chutzpah of random strangers these days. A self-professed “businessman” sent out a lowball offer, along with threats to a domain investor. What was that all about? For starters, the aged, generic .com domain was registered in 1999. That’s 19 years ago and eons in Internet time. Domain investor, Joshua Schoen, who is the founder […]

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UltraDomains : Best response to a “sour grapes” domain inquiry

Sour grapes inquiries : we all get them at some point, about a domain name that “is not being used.” The other party attempts to devalue a domain’s worth, when they cannot realistically afford it. It seems that as long as there is no full web site, a domain isn’t considered being used by many […]

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