#Domain sightings : VLC.Company rocks new #gTLD

Domain sightings are all about experiencing domain names in real life: vehicles, buildings, anywhere outside of the digital world.

In this open-ended series, we keep track of such “domains in the wild” by documenting them in photos. Some are submitted by our friends and readers, and others we come across in day to day life.

There are two primary categories, dot .COM sightings and non .COM sightings, to make things easy to organize. There are so many more .COM domains but new gTLDs are catching up.

This latest sighting of VLC.Company arrives courtesy of Joshua Schoen.

VLC.Company – Domain names in the wild. Photo courtecy Joshua Schoen.

What is VLC.Company?

According to their web site, Verbalaitis Landscape Consulting:

“After working for local Landscape companies, it became clear that local clients needed a more personal, focused option for their outdoor creations. Verbalaitis Landscape Consulting was created to provide just this – excellent focus on your needs, desires and wishes. “

On another note, Joshua Shoen announced the acquisition of two great domain names: Overlap.com and Sign.com.

Congratulations, Joshua!

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