Clueless “businessman” threatens #domain investor over 19 year old dot .com

Joshua Schoen – UltraDomains founder.

The chutzpah of random strangers these days.

A self-professed “businessman” sent out a lowball offer, along with threats to a domain investor.

What was that all about?

For starters, the aged, generic .com domain was registered in 1999. That’s 19 years ago and eons in Internet time.

Domain investor, Joshua Schoen, who is the founder of UltraDomains, shared the threats he received, blanking out the domain:

My top offer is $11.99, which is what I paid for [redacted].co.

I would rather spend five figures filing an UDRP against you for cybersquatting on my business name which is also registered w/ federal and state agencies and pending trademark approval.

Final offer.

Such empty threats aren’t uncommon, and often arrive from uneducated, passive-aggressive buyers with no common sense or budget.

Joshua responded to these threats stating the facts:

I’m sorry but we’re going to have to decline your very generous offer of $11.99.

So, one day you wake up and decide you’d like to start a company called [redacted] and now my company, the rightful owner of [redacted].com (originally registered 19 years ago in 1999), is cybersquatting on YOUR business name?? Please enlighten me on how that makes any sort of sense whatsoever.

Well-said, Joshua.

We would have taken a shorter approach, telling this lowballing dipshit to feck off.

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