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#Brands and the #Coronavirus: Online threats are turning viral with #domains

The Coronavirus pandemic is creating additional headaches for popular brands, with the registration of domain names. Thousands of domain names latching onto the pandemic are being registered. Those that resolve to active web sites, may offer brand knockoffs, that can hurt a company’s image. For example an influx of fake 3M masks from China, fake […]

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Clueless “businessman” threatens #domain investor over 19 year old dot .com

The chutzpah of random strangers these days. A self-professed “businessman” sent out a lowball offer, along with threats to a domain investor. What was that all about? For starters, the aged, generic .com domain was registered in 1999. That’s 19 years ago and eons in Internet time. Domain investor, Joshua Schoen, who is the founder […]

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