Offer $250 : Owner of crap #domains blames the #Coronavirus for string of bad sales

“The Coronvirus is to blame,” says domainer Samuel Al Bakiri, as his domain sales have dwindled down. The Lebanese domain investor from Texas is upset with the local government’s decision to close down businesses, as lack of investor capital has affected his domain sales. “Obviously, it’s not my fault, as my domain names are superb,” […]

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Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” gets a matching #domain registration

President Donald Trump likes to use pompous names for what is essentially a task the Administration should do regardless. Operation Warp Speed is Trump’s vision of a program to develop a Coronavirus vaccine using an accelerated approach. For example, the program will approve the speeding up of clinical trials unlike how it’s done in the […]

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#Brands and the #Coronavirus: Online threats are turning viral with #domains

The Coronavirus pandemic is creating additional headaches for popular brands, with the registration of domain names. Thousands of domain names latching onto the pandemic are being registered. Those that resolve to active web sites, may offer brand knockoffs, that can hurt a company’s image. For example an influx of fake 3M masks from China, fake […]

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#Epidemic .com : Yet another mass disease #domain up for sale

Domain investors should be familiar by now with two Greek words related to disease: Epidemic and pandemic. There’s a third one, endemic, that describes the initial stages of the Covid-19 virus, that started as a local disease in Wuhan, China. The matching .com domains are extremely synced with current news, as the Coronavirus moved outside […]

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Coronavirus.DE : A joint project by #Sedo, #InterNetX and United #Domains

Sedo, InterNetX, and United Domains have developed the domain Coronavirus.DE into an informational portal for German-speaking readers. The web site at Coronavirus.DE provides valid, verified information about COVID-19 for business owners in Germany. Translated into English, the web site is structured as follows: Information for founders, startups & companies during the corona crisis. Here you […]

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#Sedo bans #Coronavirus domains from its marketplace

Sedo has announced the banning of “Coronavirus” domains from its marketplace. Our premium sponsor shared the news in the members section of its web site: Why you shouldn’t list corona virus related domains Safeguarding Sedo’s Marketplace against Misuse of Critical Domains As the Corona Virus situation unfolds, we want to assure our customers and the […]

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#Domain sightings: #Coronavirus .GOV sent to millions of American homes

The Coronavirus pandemic should not be called the “Chinese virus.” The official name, Covid-19, signifies the virus’s family and the year of its emergence. Global infection cases are multiplying and the US is under siege. It comes as no surprise that millions of American homes are receiving a flyer in the mail from the US […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : #Domain price jacked up after Donald Trump’s speech

Yesterday’s speech by president Donald Trump referenced the current Coronavirus situation as a “medical war” and not a financial war. That medical war reference got picked up by media around the globe. Naturally, the matching keyword domain,, has already been registered since 2012. The domain was already parked at when we checked yesterday, […]

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#Domainer comics : #Coronavirus domain registrations can be dangerous

Welcome to the first edition of Domainer Comics for 2020. It’s been two full years since our last comic, how time flies. This time around, an emergency situation with coronavirus affecting our everyday lives. When will this all end, you might ask. It’s simple, really: wash your fucking hands, especially after handling “coronavirus domains.” Stop […]

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#Coronavirus trademarks at the #USPTO brand cesspool

It’s not just domainers that are jumping into the coronavirus registration cesspool – brand wannabes are swimming in it too. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has been receiving applications for trademarks that contain the “coronavirus” word as the mark, or as part of the mark. At the USPTO database, we found the […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : A premium #domain that would be great against #Covid19 is a premium, aged domain name that describes the key element of the Coronavirus, or Covid-19 virus as it’s known officially. With billions of dollars at stake, such a domain could be utilized by a health organization, hospital, or secondary industry professional services provider – for example, a global manufacturer of respiratory masks, such […]

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