: #Domain price jacked up after Donald Trump’s speech

Yesterday’s speech by president Donald Trump referenced the current Coronavirus situation as a “medical war” and not a financial war.

That medical war reference got picked up by media around the globe. Naturally, the matching keyword domain,, has already been registered since 2012.

The domain was already parked at when we checked yesterday, with an asking price of $2,750 dollars.

It seems that its owners got whiff of the newly-found reference of the “medical war” keywords, and the price has now been jacked up to $4,750 dollars!

Not too shabby of an increase, but is that valuable?

In our opinion, some media-amplified keywords do have potential, when they are not painted by controversy. But the majority of domain names registered to reference a disaster or a pandemic, have zero reselling value.

Only time will tell if will be sold to become a forefront in the fight against the Coronavirus. asking price went up overnight.

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  1. BullS says:

    Those kids on Spring break should donate their beer money and stay off the beaches.
    Go volunteer!!

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