UltraDomains : Best response to a “sour grapes” domain inquiry

Joshua Schoen – UltraDomains founder.

Sour grapes inquiries : we all get them at some point, about a domain name that “is not being used.

The other party attempts to devalue a domain’s worth, when they cannot realistically afford it.

It seems that as long as there is no full web site, a domain isn’t considered being used by many – even though domain parking and reselling is a legitimate business.

That argument, however, pops up quite often, and Joshua Schoen, founder of UltraDomains, gave what we’d consider the best response:

Broker: It has zero value because nobody is currently using it.

Me: Well sell me a vacant house for free then!

As hilarious as it might seem, this type of response incorporates a lot of the wisdom and validity of domain investing, which is directly comparable to that of real estate investing.

We met Joshua at NamesCon 2017 and he really knows what he’s talking about.

Follow him on Twitter, or visit his domain portfolio at UltraDomains.com.

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