Bina Bitterman: Domains, Elitism and Gucci handbags

Good day, darlings.

My name is Bina Bitterman, former senior editor of Frubs Magazine and today I’m starting my new column, Domain Socialite, from my office in New York.

As a prominent contributor to various upscale publications about the lifestyle of the rich and famous, I am eager to deliver my wisdom and shed some joy to your utterly boring lives.

You’re going to thank me for this, darlings, trust me.

I attended the Heritage domain auctions the other day, but had to leave in a hurry by 2:30pm as my sister hosted a bat mitzvah for my niece.

Social gatherings with free hors d’oeuvres are my forte, and the Heritage auction sounded promising, but offered no beluga caviar on those bagels! What a travesty.

Bina Bitterman - Socialité, Published Author, Divorcée.

Bina Bitterman – Socialite, Published Author, Divorcée.

Domain names are not fun, if they don’t appreciate as fast as my mutual funds and futures account at Goldman Sachs.

How can you live such a poor, boring life, domainers?

Yesterday, my book publisher asked me to add a chapter to the next print of my book, “Diamonds & Glitz: Make Money During Your First Gala” dedicated to domain names.

It will be a challenge to write, as I’d rather be writing about the chromatic varieties of Gucci handbags.

But I can research domains for a couple of hours, I suppose! Aron Meystedt, call me, darling.

As a former contributor to the Frubs Magazine, it’s irritating being stopped right in the middle of my 5th Avenue shopping to sign copies of my book. Unprivileged people are so easily excited!

Fashion drives the world, darlings.

People want to buy Gucci and Hermes, and YSL – who cares about your boring .com that cannot be carried to a social gathering and displayed prominently?

My next weekend trip to Florida will probably include flying south to Boca Raton, as I always combine business with a bit of R&R.

I would like to interview the famous domain king, Rick Schwartz.

He would be an interesting addition to my book, a new chapter if you may, about royalty in America.

I wonder if his ancestral lineage is from the Romanov of Russia, or the German Hohenstaufen. Anything less than that, and I’d be utterly bored.

Renewing our rendezvous for next Saturday, darlings. Enjoy your weekend, and until then, stay away from boring people.

PS: For g*d’s sake, Aron darling, buy yourself an Armani suit next time you auction domains!

~ Bina Bitterman

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2 Responses to “Bina Bitterman: Domains, Elitism and Gucci handbags”
  1. Dev says:

    Good stuff! 😀

  2. Aron says:

    She got one thing right… I sure was wearing a cheap suit.
    Good eye Bina, good eye.

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