Bina Bitterman: Drop your domains and switch to collectible coins

Happy new year, darlings, this is Bina Bitterman – the Domain Socialite, an aura of glitz and glamor for those of you that do not partake in social gatherings outside of Wal-Mart trips.

As I’m heading out to Las Vegas after two busy weeks in Paris, France, may I remind you that reproduction monuments such as the Eiffel Tower in Vegas don’t measure up; head out to Europe to see the real thing.

Those of you that are still attempting to save up for a trip to NamesCon, using your domain flipping earnings, you might as well forget it: the conference is fully booked.

Bina Bitterman - Las Vegas bound.

Bina Bitterman – Las Vegas bound.

Obviously, I am attending incognito, in order to fully enjoy the hordes of entrepreneurs that will be flocking to the gambling machines and the strip clubs. Darlings, there is nothing to be ashamed of, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, unless I cover it.

Perhaps, a bit of gambling in Sin City can open your minds a tiny bit, and allow you to forget those ridiculously illiquid assets of yours, the domains, for a short while.

My darling friend, Aron Meystedt, clearly scored big this past week.

If he weren’t a married man, I’d arrange for a tête-à-tête at the Bellagio, where I am staying, but I respect this young man’s status – especially, after he sold a remarkable collection of valuable coins for several million dollars.

Aron, darling, I shall drink champagne to celebrate your elevation to Master Auctioneer, next week. A votre sante!

The rest of you domainers, either carry on drinking Snapple or have a bigger plan for this year, because I hear that the market isn’t holding dot coms as dear as in the past. You might as well invest in ivory, Persian rugs and collectible coins, darlings.

Look for me during the Women Domainers gathering, at NamesCon; my expensive jewelry is famous for its classic elegance and sparkle – you might learn a thing or two to improve your gloomy lives.

See you in Las Vegas – if you can afford it.

~ Bina Bitterman.

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