Bina Bitterman: Life isn’t all about domains, darlings

Hello domainer darlings, this is Bina Bitterman – the Domain Socialite, and I’m so utterly bored tonight.

I can’t believe we’re half way through February already; pretty soon I will be in Saint-Tropez to show off my callipygous body. My personal trainer, Jean Pierre, thinks I’m simply divine. Merci bien, JP.

I have been reading some of those so-called domainer blogs recently, just out of sheer boredom and I must say, there are so many sad, pathetic people out there.

Bina Bitterman - Domain Socialite.

Bina Bitterman – Domain Socialite.

One of my darling domain entrepreneurs is Elliot, who seems to have a good head on his shoulders. However, quite a few of the commentators in Elliot’s introspective writings sound like little angry men with a tiny manhood.

Darlings, who has time to bitch and moan about what someone else is doing with their own money and time, that kink completely eludes me – and I have read 50 Shades of Grey, incidentally. Utterly boring.

Domainer darlings, you need more time away from the computer and more shopping time with your significant others. Take them to Tiffany‘s for a change, spend a few thousand dollars on a couple of carats, live life!

I have not read anything recently from my darling Rick Schwartz and I’m experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms; what joint venture is he up to? Let me know if you happen to see him in some South Florida gala, I’d like to educate the natives about how to best deliver proper glitz and glamor.

Before I forget: I think I registered my first .guru domain, it’s Guy admirers always make references to my lips, so here I am, but to be honest, I am not sure if the domain went through at GoDaddy.

Who has time to double check these mundane things, life is short, darlings – don’t be spending it debating about who has the shortest dot whatever.

Is it summer yet? I can’t wait to partake in some  trip to the holy lands of Israel; it’s been my dream since my bat mitzvah. Until then, visit, darlings, it will open your eyes.

Au revoir for now, and remember: stay off those computers and silly domain names for at least the weekend.

~ Bina Bitterman.




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